Will you do my divorce, bankruptcy, or other boring civil issue?

No! Payne Law Firm is proudly dedicated to criminal defense in Northwest Arkansas. I believe that my clients are better served with focused representation. At the same time, I love fighting the government and trying as many cases as possible when it's in the best interest of my clients. Trials are exceptionally hard to come by in any other area of law, and I'm proud to be a dedicated trial attorney. I love practicing EXCLUSIVELY criminal defense, and I'd be happy to put that passion to work on your case.

Can You Win My DWI or Keep Me Out of Jail?

On any DWI prosecuted in District Court (1st, 2nd, or 3rd Offense DWI), the maximum sentence is one year in jail. The possibility of jail time turns into the possibility of prison time on felony DWI charges. However, the possibility that you will actually end up in jail at all varies greatly case to case. For instance, accident cases are generally more serious that non-accidents. Was anyone injured? Any other aggravating factors? Take a swing at the officer? You can see that there's a lot more that goes into the actual analysis of your case. Give me a call at 479-871-9602 to discuss the risk factors at play in your case.
Be cautious of scare tactics when researching an attorney to entrust with your case.

Can You Fight My Drivers License Suspension?

Absolutely. Thirty days after your DWI arrest, your license may be suspended for at least six months (more if you have priors within the look-back period). You can fight this suspension by filing a request with the Office of Driver Control within seven days of your arrest. When you were released from jail, you should have been given two pink slips of paper. The top one is your temporary license, usually valid for a thirty day window after your arrest (as long as there are no other holds or restrictions on your license). The second pink sheet is the hearing request form that you must fax or mail in to the Office of Driver Control. If you've lost this form, or never received it to begin with, contact my office immediately for a free replacement. We can even fax it in while you're in the office to make sure that it's submitted within the time limit. Give me a call at 479-871-9602 to discuss the chance we have of keeping your license, what the hearing looks like, and whether you will even need to attend. In most cases, I'll be able to take care of it for you from start to finish!

Do You Actually Enjoy Trying Cases?

There's nothing better in the world. It's why I became an attorney to begin with. I'd love to show you how it works!

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

I do. You'll need to make a down payment to get our case started, but I'm happy to spread the balance out over the course of our case.