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Enjoy Plumper, Brighter Skin In Just 20 Minutes With Dermalinfusion

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

While I’m all for advancements in the world of beauty and grooming, I pause when things trend too quickly. Maybe it’s the result of writing about the market in graduate school. Or owning an apothecary. Or because I got my start as a journalist covering grooming.

Case in point: even though there are countless types of facials nowadays, I still prefer the tried-and-true classic European method, comprised of a brief analysis, followed by cleansing, steaming, extractions, massage, and a mask. It’s straightforward, and gets the job done without frivolous bells and whistles.

But when I received an email invitation to try Dermalinfusion, I paused – this time, for different reasons. I’d read glowing reviews of the treatment, but what nudged me to say yes is that the technology reportedly deftly does it all, from exfoliating the skin to infusing it with specially-selected serums, in just 20 to 30 minutes. Better results in less time than a standard facial? Sign me up.

I visited Cynthia Rivas, a medical aesthetician on the Upper East Side. She introduced Dermalinfusion about a year and a half ago, the response has been overwhelmingly positive: “I have never had anyone not like the treatment,” says Rivas. (A ringing endorsement, given her well-heeled client base.)

The session commenced like any other facial. Rivas asked me about my concerns, took a look at my skin, then explained the technology behind Dermalinfusion. In brief: she’d customize a blend of up to four serums (hydrating, Vitamin C, brightening, and clarifying) and slowly run a diamond-tipped handheld tool (also customized for my exfoliation needs) across my face and neck. As the device thoroughly buffed my skin, it would simultaneously vacuum away everything dulling my complexion (think oil, dead skin cells, debris) and flood my freshly-cleansed skin with serums.

How did it feel? It didn’t hurt one bit, though I definitely felt (and heard) the device at work. How long did it take? As promised, a breezy 20 minutes. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Naturally, my skin looked radiant and healthy (and only minimally flushed) as it always does post-facial, but what set Dermalinfusion apart is why. The exfoliating, massaging, and masking of classic facials are all well and good, but this technology goes above and beyond by actually increasing your skin's density. Rivas explains, “The skin becomes thicker in volume because it literally soaks up the serums after exfoliating. Also, the extraction aspect is also very effective, since it removes blackheads, bacteria, pollution, free radicals, makeup, and oil debris from the skin – which cause aging, acne, and enlarged pores.”

Unlike traditional facials, you can use Dermalinfusion weekly, if you wish. And because it’s customizable with serums and exfoliation tips, you can switch up each session to cater to your needs at that moment. As Rivas puts it: “The biggest advantage is it’s multi-correctional. We can correct various skin concerns, from anti-aging to acne, all at once.” She also adds that timing is another reason why Dermalinfusion is such a knockout: “I wouldn’t expect anyone who isn’t a skincare professional to know this, but finding the key moment when your skin is the most susceptible to product penetration is very important. And Dermalinfusion takes care of that.”

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