Antioxidants: You Need Them!

Updated: May 13, 2021

We have all heard that antioxidants fight free radicals...but antioxidants do so much more than that for your skin. In order to really understand the role antioxidants play in skin care, we have to first talk about the science behind them.


Scientifically speaking, free radicals as molecules with unpaired electrons that try to steal electrons from other molecules. They are caused by both environmental and internal factors like climate, pollutants, sun radiation, harmful chemicals and toxic elements, smoking, metabolic changes and stress. When that happens, it damages your skin cells which leads to inflammation induced diseases and speeds up the aging process.


Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals by neutralizing them. They have the ability to give away one of their electrons to the free radical. Antioxidants are vital component to an effective skin care regime, but also for the body as a whole. Now we understand what antioxidants do and we also understand that free radicals attack us not only when we are outdoors, but literally all the time.

Your body naturally produces free radicals through natural metabolic processes. It also does produce antioxidants....but not enough. WE HAVE TO HELP IT.

Your body cannot produce enough antioxidants to fight off all free radicals. It needs help. We need to eat #antioxidant rich foods and apply topical antioxidants to help your skin.


Antioxidants are amazing at neutralizing free radicals, but they do so much more. They provide an incredible amount of benefits to the #skin. Visibly they can reduce, #redness, #inflammation, improve #pigmentation and #melasma, smooth skin texture, improve #skin tone/natural glow not dull, reduce scars-these can be acne scars that are pink or flatten raised scar, and plumps the skin.

What's happening inside the skin new #collagen is being produced and existing collagen is not broken down, reduction of overall damage to the skin, reduces the transfer of melanin to the melanocytes, and cellular turnover increases.


Look for products that combine multiply #antioxidants together because they are STRONGER together. Different antioxidants actually help each other work better, for example vitamin c and e.


Some of my favorite antioxidants are vitamin C, E, and A. These are some of the most powerful. These are 3 products I love that contain these powerful antioxidants.

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I can't forget to mention, #resveratrol as another favorite antioxidant. I mean, it's found in wine.....who doesn’t love drinking that antioxidant! It is very powerful topically on the skin. Don’t forget that antioxidants not only repair damage, but they prevent future damage to the skin. And we are all about prevention here, don’t let it become a problem.