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Cynthia Rivas is a New York State licensed esthetician and the founder of Cynthia Rivas Skin Care, based in New York City. Cynthia Rivas Skin Care was created with the belief that radiant skin is attainable by everyone and we all can “make everyday a great skin day.”  

Cynthia’s affinity for skin care began at a very early age; it was her natural calling. Although her career path did not begin in skin care, it was her move to New York City that reignited her passion and inspired her to follow her dreams of taking skin care to a professional level.  After graduating from Dermalogica Academy, she worked tirelessly within the industry, gaining indispensable experience in New York spas, medical spas and dermatology. 

Cynthia’s love and dedication for skin care helped her rapidly evolve in the ever-changing skin care industry. She is constantly learning and testing cutting-edge technologies, products and ingredients to provide corrective solutions for skin concerns and conditions. Cynthia is known for mixing medical technology with effective, timeless techniques — never getting caught up in trendy skin care — to address the total health and well-being of the skin.  


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